Before My Session

Once we narrow down a date and time, I will send a digital contract that outlines all the if's, and's, and but's- After signing, I collect a $50 retainer to reserve your spot. Don't fret! I won't leave you hanging, I help you choose outfits if needed (ask about my what to wear guide), and take care of all the details. Outfit choice can make or break a session, so sending me a picture while your shopping, or going through your closet helps me pinpoint what type of location best suites your style; are you more fit for rustic, nature settings or downtown, urban etc..this doesn't have to be stressful, I promise! I will give you all the preparations based on what type of session you book, plan the location details, supply the props, and put everything into place- all you do is show up, easy right?!

During My Session

I believe my photography captures the moments and the real life details between those moments. To further explain, I will always capture "that pose for grandma"- you know the shot where everyone is looking straight at the camera smiling, but for the most part, the session is a relaxed hang out time. Between many years of practice and self teaching, I have learned and mastered "posing" in its finest nature- don't pose, give direction. So, if you're panicking or avoiding booking a session, because you don't know what to do, don't! That is my job! I step in and suggest how to turn your body, and interact as if you're relaxing in the back yard with your kiddos, or cuddling on the couch with your significant other etc..but what if we don't cuddle Addie? What if my kids run like Tarzan getting their picture taken? That is okay too, because there is always an exception to the rule- but I am confident we can make magic happen- that is why I tailor each session to vibe with your personality, style, and preferences. Letting loose and slowing down to be in the moment is what allows a beautiful session fall into place and get the best images. So let your hair down, have a drink before the session, let the kids run wild..I am here to capture your true authenticity in this beautiful thing we call life. 

After My Session

Once your session has ended, I will be hard at work editing each unique memory  we made to create your online gallery. During this time, I know how quickly the excitement can build to see your photos- to hold you over until the gallery is finished, I will post a preview of your session a couple weeks after the shooting portion on my Facebook page (Addie Fath Photography) for viewing. Once your gallery is finished, I will email a link to you explaining all the bells in whistles included in your package, ordering instructions, and any further details.